WDI DataFinder App Reviews

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Just doesnt work...

Could be very useful tool but app stops when seeking for data... Pity!

Latest version of WDI Datafinder does not work on iPad 2

This is extremely poor quality of updating and software release. The latest version does not work on iPad 2!!! If it is not meant to work on an iPad 2, it should be explicitly stated or better it should not be possible to update from the App Store.

Very useful

Very useful to better know the world we live in.


Easy access to World Banks rich data base. Thank you very much ;-)

Worldbank Datafinder crashes

This app does not work. As soon as you try to select any indicators to find data, the app crashes (quits unexpectedly). IOs4 and 4.1, 3GS. Please fix.

Does not work/now works (kind of)

Crashes! Update: crash fixed (does happen if on data network sometimes) but would like to see some more updated numbers: most series end at 2008

Getting there.

This is a good start in what is my opinion one of the most indispensable apps out there. However, I was surprised to find that a lot of data doesnt seem to show up. Although the design is clean and professional, it seems a little cold and stern. I believe that just displaying all the stats its not enough; it should also be presented in way that is pleasant and captivating in order to attract a wide audience. Maybe some more interactivity in the visualisations and a little colour would do the trick.

Thanks for the app!

Great job! Really appreciate! Very flexible and powerful tool, highly recommended to everybody who works with WB data

Good but...

It takes up too much space! Please, fix it properly! Reset on next startup is not enough...

great idea.

thanks for this free app, it helps to get data as soon as posible. Becsuse it it new it craches all time, i hope you fix it and go on ipad app.

Bad, bad, bad - waste of time

Even a free app should work. This one crashes all the time - and time is money. So, sorry to say that: waste of time & money!

Finally version 2.0!!!

Great improvements, new useful features, issues fixed and new user iteraction design.

Excellent update

This app literally puts the world stats at your fingertips. Bookshelf is a nice touch. Ability to view charts and graphs is a big plus.

MS student

Probably one of the best, thx

Good app

I cant believe all this data is free. At least $0.99 :) compare to most app here that is like a game and kill-a-flying-pig this is awesome. Thx for putting it online.


This is honestly a great app! DataFinder is actually one of the greatest apps made in 2010!! I too cant believe this is all free info. Amazing job developers.


Best and fastest way to obtain free reliable data on the fly

Great data app

Its great that it provides access to a large number of indicators. I also like the fact that the little data books are accessible when I am not connected to the network. Wonderful!


Im blown away by this app. Its basically an endless supply of fun for nerds like me. Great work!

Great app

50yrs of data

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